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13 Facts About People with ADHD

13 Facts About People with ADHD - ADHD Man of Distraction

Why are people being denied access to diagnosis, or even education about ADHD?
Why is it not on the initial list of things looked at during a psychiatric evaluation? If it turns out you have ADHD, andand not Bipolar Disorder or OCD, you are in a group whose treatment is potentially more effective.
If you have ADHD AND Bipolar Disorder or OCD, you are going to need attention paid to all of your mental health issues.
If you don’t have ADHD, you’ve ruled out a big area of potential diagnostic confusion.
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And why are people still suffering the indignities of myth and stigma?
Why are we still being told we are lazy, stupid, unmotivated and more by people who just might be too lazy, stupid or unmotivated to look for the real answer?

And how many more people will have to suffer alone and unknowing before we stop the naysayers and doom speakers from denying the existence of ADHD and the advantages of medication, coaching and structure. How much longer do we have to listen to the stupidity of people who would “Cure ADHD” with diet, or computer programs alone. Has anyone else noticed that disorders with a symptom spectrum need a treatment that is also a spectrum?


Várias siglas para significar o mesmo distúrbio: TDAH, DDA, TDAHI, ADD, TDA, THDA. Todas estas siglas fazem referência aos problemas centrais que caracterizam o Transtorno de Défice de Atenção com ou sem Hiperatividade. Pode ser descrito como TRANSTORNO ou DISTÚRBIO, por isso T ou D. DDA é a sigla mais antiga e atualmente menos usada, referente a Distúrbio de Défice de Atenção. A Desatenção pode vir acompanhada de Hiperatividade e impulsividade, assim as variam de acordo.  Em inglês, os termos mais comuns são ADD and ADDH - Attention Deficit Disorder with Hiperactivity.
Tal como acontece com todas as doenças mentais, as causas do TDAH  podem ser múltiplas.


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